Dua on going out from home 

  • Bismillaahi ta wakkaltu ‘allal laahi laa hawla wa la quwwata illaa billaah
  • In the Name of Allah, I have placed my trust in Allah. There’s no power nor might except by Allah.

"The person who reads this Dua while leaving home will be protected from Satan, and everything that is harmful until he returns and all his works will be completed for which he came out of his house." (Tirmidhi)

  • Obama: It's time for an unconditional cease-fire in Gaza.
  • Israel: Noo, we don't say that. What do we say?
  • Obama: Israel has the right to defend itself.
  • Israel: Almost there, come on, keep going.
  • Obama: We will be sending our allies in Israel more ammunition.
  • Israel: There you go! That's our boy!
"Zionists run and hide when the rockets fall because it’s not their land therefore they don’t know how to die for it."


اللهم انصر كل مظلوم على عدوه

May God grant victory to every oppressed person over his enemies.




Saving Face (2012), acid attacks on women in Pakistan

Meanwhile, in America, feminists are complaining about how dress codes are oppressive.

You idiots have never experienced oppression, and pray you never do, because this is what it looks like.

"God will wreck your plans when He sees that your plans are about to wreck you."



1030 Palestinian deaths, 80% women and children
5860 injured
5455 raids 

In addition ,4329 houses have been demolished . #GazaUnderAttack